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It is the right of the dead to be put to rest according to the Shariah and the duty of those living to ensure that happens correctly and in the quickest possible time.  Very often, when death occurs, we scramble for someone to lead the Janaza prayer and to teach the followers how to pray this important salah.  Especially in a country where most Masajid’s do not have a permanent Imam to attend to this important duty, it is necessary every believer knows how to lead a Janaza Prayer and how to pray one correctly.
Are you ready if it is your turn next time to lead the Janaza Prayer?
Please join us on Saturday 8/6/2016 at 1 pm for a 1 hour class on ‘Leading Salat al Janaza’ followed by Q & A.  This will be conducted in Masjid Ar Rahman, 723 Merchant Street, Coatesville on Saturday 8/6/2016 immediately after Zuhr Salah.   Sisters are welcome to attend as well.
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