MASJID-AR-RAHMAN , 723 Merchant Street, Coatesville, PA 19320
Eid Mubarak!!** Eid Al Fitr Will Be On Thursday 5/13/2021 Insha-Allah *Join Jumma on premise and on our YouTube Channel** You can now donate on-line for our expansion project !** We are a 501(c) Non-Profit Organization**All donations are tax deductible** Please stay safe **May Allah(swt) Protect us all ** Logistics: 1. Zakat ul Fitr $10/- per person should be paid before Eid Salah. Please help us to collect this early so we can get them out to the needy in our community. 2. Takbiraath will start 8am. Eid Salah will be at 8.30am Insha-Allah. 3. Please come early to ensure parking on premise. Road-side parking will also be available. 4. Moon bounce and slides will be set up for children. Play area will be open from 9am to 3pm. 5. Jummah salah will be at 1.10pm followed by Khutbah. Jummah salah is not mandatory if Eid salah is prayed in congregation. 6. Please follow volunteer directions to make this a smooth and happy day for all !!