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Eid Mubarak!!** Eid Al Fitr Will Be On Thursday 5/13/2021 Insha-Allah *Join Jumma on premise and on our YouTube Channel** You can now donate on-line for our expansion project !** We are a 501(c) Non-Profit Organization**All donations are tax deductible** Please stay safe **May Allah(swt) Protect us all **


Eid Al Fitr Will Be On Thursday 5/13/2021 Insha-Allah

Logistics: Takbiraat start 8.15 am Eid Salah 8.30 am followed by Khutbah and Boxed Food. Sisters will pray in the main Musalla; Brothers will pray in the tent and the parking area. Please bring your own prayer mat and wear a mask. Parking: All parking will be on Merchant Street and in the designated parking areas only. Please follow volunteer directions for parking. Please come early to secure a parking spot.

Ramadhan Mubarak ! Insha-Allah, Taraweeh prayers will start tonight, Monday, April 12th at 9.30 pm.

Tuesday, April 13th will be the first day of fasting.  Please note the following logistics:

  1. Isha will be at 9.15 pm.  Please plan to be at the masjid by 9 pm.  Place inside the Musalla will be on a first-come-first serve basis.
  2. Taraweeh prayers will start at 9.30 pm.  Brothers and sisters are welcome.  Children below 10 years are requested to stay at home. (parental discretion is requested).
  3. Taraweeh prayers will be led by our young Hafidth Abraar Jamaluddin Insha-Allah.  We will pray 20 rakats with a 10 minute break after 8 rakats.
  4. A 40×40 tent has been installed in the parking lot for additional praying space.  Please dress as per the weather if praying in the tent.
  5. Please bring your own prayer mat and mask.  Reusable/Disposable prayer mats will be available for $2/- at the entrance in case you forget to bring your mat.
  6. Park in the street if you will leave after Isha.  Those staying for Taraweeh, must follow volunteer guidelines for parking on premise.
  7. Daily boxed iftaar will be available at Maghreb each day in the Tent.  Family Iftaar will be on Saturdays (open to all).
  8. Please make Wudu at home before you come to the Masjid to avoid delays and crowding at the entrance.
  9. Taraweeh will be broadcasted on YouTube Insha-Allah.  Please use this link for tonight:
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16th June 2021


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